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Child Policy

Children age six and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult (age 18 or older) at ALL times while in the library. The library cannot assume responsibility for the safety of young children.

Children ages seven through ten must have a responsible adult present inside the library. All patrons will be expected to display appropriate behavior, conducive to maintaining a peaceful atmosphere while inside the building. PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS, NOT LIBRARY STAFF, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS AND SAFETY OF CHILDREN VISITING THE LIBRARY.

NOTE: An exception may be made for children attending organized library programs. These children may be in the program area without parents or caregivers; however, parents or caregivers must remain in the library facility.

If taking the place of a parent, a caregiver must be at least eighteen years old and must have with them emergency contact information for the child they are attending.

If a child under the age of six violates the Code of Conduct, the parent/caregiver will be informed and asked to take responsibility for the child and his/her actions, including cleaning up any mess made by the child, or replacing any items damaged by the child.

All Children During Library Business Hours:
Children ages eleven and up may use the library on their own; however, library facilities are not to be used in lieu of childcare.

If a child wishes to leave the library, the library staff cannot legally detain him or her.

Children are subject to the same rules of conduct as other library users. If an unattended child is requested to leave the premises, he or she will be encouraged to call a parent or guardian and inform them of the situation.

If a child under the age of six is found unattended, or if he or she violates the Code of Conduct, the parent/caregiver will be informed and asked to take responsibility for the child and his or her actions.

All Children After Library Business Hours:
It is assumed that children will not be left at the library after hours. However, it is sometimes unavoidable that libraries must close due to unusual weather or emergency situations, or parents/caregivers cannot be on time to collect a child. Children will be offered the opportunity to contact their parents/caregiver and make suitable arrangements for pickup. Library staff cannot assume responsibility for children left at the library. In the case of emergency closings, the local police department will be notified and asked to come stay until all children are picked up.


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